FAQs on PowerDash SREC reporting built into Enphase Enlighten


Enphase and PowerDash have partnered to enable integrated, seamless MassCEC SREC reporting directly in Enlighten. This solution is available for Enphase installers who use Enlighten, and it is particularly well-suited to the Envoy S Metered solution with built-in revenue-grade metering.

Solution and Benefits

With PowerDash integrated into Enlighten, Enphase installers can sign up systems for MassCEC SREC reporting directly from within Enlighten, greatly simplifying the process for setting up and conducting automated third-party reporting to the MassCEC Production Tracking System.

  • Register your company and systems with PowerDash within the Enlighten user interface.
  • Select from different payment options, for flexibility for you and your customers.
  • Simplify system registration with PowerDash and the third-party reporting agency by using system information already in Enlighten. There is no need to re-enter the same data a second time.
  • Sign up existing and new systems.
  • View PowerDash system report events from the Enlighten System settings, or navigate to the PowerDash portal for a detailed reporting log and more information.
  • Gain access to PowerDash's automated meter validation services which check every day for variances between the microinverter record of production and the meter's record of production, which helps eliminate the risk of lost SREC revenue because of metering problems.
  • Enable PowerDash access for each system owner's SREC aggregator to enhance the quality of service that each system owner receives.

How does integrated SREC reporting in Enlighten help system owners?

In states such as Massachusetts, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are an essential revenue stream, critical to the financing of any PV system. Typically, reporting of this production data must be done by a qualified organization. PowerDash is an experienced monitoring and reporting provider that is approved by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and other agencies that operate SREC incentive programs.

While it has in some cases been possible in some states and for some system sizes to do self-reporting (in which the homeowner typically logs in to a state website each month to do data entry), increasingly automated reporting is becoming the norm -- either because of state requirements or because of the preference to remove the self-reporting burden for system owners and their service providers.

When you use PowerDash with Enlighten, you get simplified, automated SREC reporting without needing to have an additional hardware/reporting vendor, and for a lower price than has been possible previously.

In addition, the SREC aggregator serving the system owner gets access to the PowerDash toolset which greatly enhances their ability to serve these joint customers.

Does the integrated PowerDash SREC reporting solution work with the Envoy S Metered equipment solution and its integrated revenue-grade meter (RGM)?

Yes. PowerDash SREC reporting is an excellent complement to the Envoy S Metered equipment solution.

Does this solution also provide access to our preferred SREC aggregator?

The Enlighten/PowerDash SREC reporting solution was built from the beginning to support increased productivity on the part of SREC aggregators such as SRECTrade, Knollwood Energy, and Sol Systems. As soon as installers register a system for PowerDash SREC reporting from Enlighten, they can select which aggregator will be serving that system. Then any staff from that aggregator's organization gets access in PowerDash to manage that system, including the ongoing SREC revenue forecasting and revenue assurance oversight.

Will this solution require the system owner to have a separate PowerDash account?

No. Installers get PowerDash accounts and also see PowerDash reporting status in real time directly in Enlighten. System owners for PowerDash-registered systems, from My Enlighten, see basic PowerDash reporting status information without needing to leave My Enlighten.

What does PowerDash do when meter data is temporarily unavailable, such as because of a communications outage?

In most cases, the Envoy gateway queues data for later retrieval. In rare cases when meter data is not available through Enlighten, PowerDash has a simple self-service tool for submitting a manual reading with photo documentation permanently associated with that manual reading.

What are my payment options for the PowerDash SREC reporting option?

Payment options from PowerDash include credit card and, with credit approval, standard invoicing.

How can I get more information about the signup/registration process in Enlighten?

Check out this helpful walkthrough Enphase has published: https://enphase.com/en-us/support/how-do-i-use-powerdash-third-party-reporting-requirements


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